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Revision: 1.25, Tue Mar 15 23:14:15 2005 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by cs130_tom
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.24: +1 -0 lines
implemented Dan Kegel's change suggestions

2005-03-15  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/winsock/socket.c:
	Added test_UDP()
	Implemented Dan Kegel's changes in 3/15 email
2005-03-10  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/winsock/socket.c:
	Fixed bug in getservbyname() that returned different pointers
2005-03-09  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/winsock/tests/sock.c:
	Implemented Dan Kegel's suggestions in his 3/9 email
	Added check for select()'s return value and server again sends 
	and receives data in parallel
	Added test for getservbyname()
2005-03-08  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/winsock/tests/sock.c:
	fixed error select_server() code that accepts connections
	reintroduced requirement to read all data into server before
	echoing--otherwise server sends bad data 
2005-03-07  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/winsock/tests/sock.c:
	moved code for do_nonblocking_send() and do_nonblocking_recv() 
	into select_server().
	select_server() now sends and receives test data in any order 
2005-03-06  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/winsock/tests/sock.c:
	added select() server
2005-02-28  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/wsock32_main.c:
	Commited changes suggested from wine-devel list
2005-02-24  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/wsock32_main.c:
	Removed unnecessary client bind()
	Implemented Dan Kegel's refactoring ideas
	Server connections are now treated more like objects
	Added Dan Kegel's boilerplate patch
	Test now generates test data
2005-02-23  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/wsock32_main.c:
	Added cleanup test, cleaned up code
	using WaitForSingleObject() for thread synchronization
	added test timeout, standardized naming convention
2005-02-22  Thomas Kho <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/wsock32_main.c:
	Code cleanup, support for multiple client/server threads
	Implemented Dan Kegel's suggestions
2005-02-21  Thomas Kho, Fredy Garcia, Douglas Rosenberg
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/wsock32_main.c:
	Expanded client/server to send and receive data
2005-02-20  Thomas Kho  <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/wsock32_main.c, dlls/wsock32/tests/Makefile.in:
	Using CreateThread instead of _beginthread
	Started basic client/server test
2005-02-03  Thomas Kho  <tkho@ucla.edu>
	* dlls/wsock32/tests/ChangeLog, dlls/wsock32/tests/News:
	Added these two housekeeping files
	* configure.ac:
	Modified this file so that dlls/wsock32/tests/Makefile.in is processed

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